144hz monitor can i change refresh rate?


144hz monitor can i change refresh rate?

Post by joejonsme » Wed May 16, 2018 7:24 am

Hi there,

Im pc gamer from 2 weeks,i run ryzen 1600 with gtx1070SC.Question is about monitor:i have 4k 27 60hz monitor is what left from my ps4 pro setup.Just thinking to buy acer xg270hu 144hz.Maybe is stupid question but in 144hz monitor im able to change refresh rate?From 144hz to 100.75 and 60?Reazon i asking cuz i check all games i play now-BF1,GTA5 and Rainbow Six Siege and with high settings.After vsync off i play all games and my refresh is between 75-110hz.Only Gta 5 go down sometimes to likie 72.So can i buy 144hz monitor and change refresh rate?I know is not gsync but is not big dill for me and after spend around 900pound to bulid my first pc dont want spend at this time extra 600 for gsync monitor.Acer is perfect price almost same mone i be have after sell my 4k monitor.

Please help.

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