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Factorio Skyblock

Post by joejonsme » Fri May 18, 2018 10:49 am


This will likely have to be a total conversion mod as the normal Factorio ore patches won't spawn. Instead, patches of terrain 'ores' will exist from which you can mine dirt, stone, and grass. Trees will also spawn on these floating islands such as the one you start on. 'void' tiles separate the islands. You can't walk on these 'void' tiles and while things like the items in the Landfill mod will be place-able on these tiles, water-based structures like the offshore pump are not. Water can spawn as part of these islands. To get metals such as iron and copper, you need to make a manual sieve from wood and a net made from grass. Later, you can upgrade to a mechanical automatic sieve that is powered by connecting it to a vibrating mechanism. Other processing ideas include automatic hammers, millstones, hydraulic presses, distilleries, compost bins, wire mills, rope makers, drying equipment, and melters.
P.S. Automation, skyblock and the idea of being able to get everything from as little as possible are 3 of my favorite game concepts. I've considered making my own game for this, but after starting, I decided it might be easier to just mod Factorio to allow for this. The problem is that I have no experience with LUA and thus why I'm posting this here. I may try to learn LUA anyways just to be able to implement the ideas I have as I imagine that not all of my mod requests will get accepted.

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