What the heck is Skygrid?

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What the heck is Skygrid?

Post by Kiqkinas » Tue Jan 09, 2018 3:25 pm

Skygrid adds a unique challenge to Skyblock and provides a way to get blocks and items that would otherwise be impossible to get.
If your good at parkour, you'll love it. If not(like me), build bridges with half slabs.

Remember, unlike Skyblocks, Skygrid is unprotected.

Skygrid Commands

/asg -- Teleport to Skygrid start or your Skygrid home

/asg help -- List Skygrid commands.

/asg sethome -- Set your teleport home. you only get 1 of these.

/asgc -- Display the skygrid challenges menu.

/asg warps -- Lists available Skygrid [Welcome] sign warps. Every player can set 1 welcome sign, they are public, so beware of griefers.

/asg warp <playername> -- Warp to a players skygrid welcome sign.


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