Making Money in Skyblock. Selling and Chest Shops.

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Making Money in Skyblock. Selling and Chest Shops.

Post by Kiqkinas » Tue Jan 09, 2018 2:41 pm

Making Money is simple. Sell stuff.

Primarily you will sell to the server but you can also sell directly to other players and create your own Quick Chest Shop to sell to players.

Starting Cash: $400

Player Commands:
/worth -- Geth the server price for the item in your hand.

/bal -- short for /balance. Display your cash balance.

/bal <playername> Display the balance of another player.

/baltop -- Display the balance the top 10 players.

/sell -- displays the full syntax for the sell command

/sell hand -- Sells the items in your hand and ALL of your inventory of that item.

/sell hand -amount -- Sells the item in your hand leaving you with -amount items left. Remember this is NOT the amount your are selling, it is the amount you will keep after the sale.

/pay <playername> amount -- Lets you pay a player for items they are selling, or just because you are a nice guy.

Quick Chest Shop

Create a Sell Shop on your island using these simple steps.
  1. Place down a chest or double chest.
  2. LEFT click the chest with the item you want to sell for cash.
  3. In the chat window (press t) type the sell price.
  4. Fill the chest with items you want to sell.
Create a Buy Shop on your island using these simple steps.
  1. First, create a sell shop in steps 1, 2 and 3 above.
  2. Then, point at the sign and type /qs buy
  3. Change a buy shop to a sell shop. Point at the sign and type /qs sell

    Using a Quick Chest Shop
    Left click on the sign, and enter the quantity in chat.


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