Getting Started, Island commands

Everything you need to know to get started and advance on the Skyblock server. Build something Amazing!
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Getting Started, Island commands

Post by Kiqkinas » Tue Jan 09, 2018 2:07 pm

You've joined Skyblock, now what?

The first thing you need, is your own island.

Type or /island or /is (short for island) and select an island type. If you have never played Skyblock before select the easiest starting island.
You find yourself marooned on an island in the sky with just a cow and a chest of strange items. Don't fall! Moo!
Your goal is to survive with limited resources, and then thrive and expand your island kingdom. You can play alone or add up to 3 other team members. Team members allow you to expand your island faster and exceed per player limits on villagers, hopers and other items.

One of the first things you will build is a cobblestone generator with lava and water. This will allow you to start collecting materials to expand your kindom.

Next, complete /challenges to get other hard to get resources and XP.

Finally use your money in the minishop to buy additional resources to help your island grow even faster. Earn money by selling your crops and other materials back to the server. More on that later.

Welcome Signs:
By default, your island is protected from griefing and PVP. So you want other players to be able to visit so you can Sell to them and show off your work.
You provide a teleport location by adding a Welcome sign.

Place down a sign. On the first line type [welcome]. On the other lines type a message or your island name; anything you want.
If [Welcome] turns green it's active, and you can invite people to visit.

Skyblock Player Commands:
The /is command, short for /island, gives you a Graphical Menu to access the most important commands without trying to remember everything on the first day. Power users will use the commands below to save time and access additional Skyblock features.

Menu options include:
  • Go to your island
  • Set your island home
  • Change your islands' biome
  • Check your islands' level
  • View a list of challenges
  • List the team members who are a part of your island
  • List all available warps
  • List the top 10 islands based on island level
  • View your islands' settings
/is go -- This teleports you to your island (pretty self explanatory).

/is restart -- This allows you to reset your island to how it originally was.

/is sethome -- This allows you to set the position to which you teleport to when you use the /is go command. (Hint: If your falling, save yourself by use /is go).

/is level -- This allows you to check your own Skyblock islands' level as well as other players' Skyblock island levels.
Usage: /is level <playername>

/is top -- This showed you the top 10 islands based on island level.

/is warps -- This shows you all of the current warps people have set to be seen by the public

/is warp -- This allows you to teleport to a players' warp.
Usage: /is warp <playername>

/is lock -- Locks / Unlocks your island from visitors. (hint: You can use your [welcome] sign as a second home while you are building something. That way you may teleport between two locations easily. You may want to temporarily lock your island and then reset your welcome sign later for people to visit.

/is team -- This lists every member of your Skyblock island.

/is invite -- This allows you to invite any player to your Skyblock island
Usage: /is invite <playername>

/is leave -- This allows you to leave any Skyblock island you are currently a part of.

/is kick -- This commands allows you to kick a player from your Skyblock island.
Usage: /is kick <playername>

/is makeleader -- This command allows you to pass ownership of a Skyblock island from you to another player.
Usage: /is makeleader <playername>

/is biomes -- This allows you to change your Skyblock islands' biome through the use of a interactive interface.

/is expel -- This allows you to kick a player who may be currently on your Skyblock island off of it.
Usage: /is expel <playername>

/is settings -- This allows you to view the settings currently in play for your island as well as make changes to it in order to customize it to your liking.

/challenges[/i] -- This provides a list of current challenges that are available for you to complete.

/is lang -- This allows you to change your plugin language to any one of the following:
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Korean
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Cestina
  • Slovenian
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Dutch
Usage: /is lang <Locale>


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